War Games: Has Putin already lost?

Saurabh Sugandh Saurabh Sugandh Follow Mar 01, 2022 · 3 mins read
War Games: Has Putin already lost?
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Putin has lost the war? This is what you have been seeing or hearing these days. When you rely on the interpretation of the mainstream media for your opinion, it is always advisable to read through the facts. That not only validates your understanding but also clears the cloud of confusion.

You know the best way to die during a war is to just come out in the open and take a walk. The exact thing that the President of Ukraine has been appealing to its citizens and especially to men. During a war, it is advisable to take shelters in a bunker. There’s one thing to praise Ukrainian President’s bravery and another to let its own citizens die. In times when Instagram logic overhauls and overshadows the fact, the results could be catastrophic. Maybe, that’s what NATO wants! If this is some sort of a tactic to see the might of the Russian military, even then should I praise them?

There’s no going back when you’re strategically wrong in a war from the beginning. Given the past, the Russian army adopts a tactic known as Siege warfare. The tactic suggests that the invasion will take place slowly by encircling the outer or crucial areas first such as ports, military or air bases, border cities or towns. This might appear that the invading army is losing in the beginning or has slowed down. The mainstream media have jumped the guns and claimed such that too. The Russian army has slowly entered the capital city and to the astonishment I still see the western (NATO) media claiming that the Russians have lost. If the invading army enters your capital, but you choose to speak of a victory, it’s just nonsense.

The irony is that the arms and ammuninition that the NATO members are sending are a fleet of defensive forces and is indeed too little too late. Belarus, on the other hand, has righfully demanded its nuclear warheads back from the Russian Federation to avoid future conflicts from NATO. This could safeguard them from taking the bait similar to Ukraine and avoid future internal civil unrest.

It’s good when you have confidence but it’s entirely different when you have overconfidence. NATO and its media are pushing Ukraine to an illusion. I can understand why Ukraine would apply for an EU membership after a failed attempt of joining NATO. The EU membership would at least gurantee something from the west but the problem is that they have already taken the bait. EU would take its own time to see how the war shapes out and what is left of Ukraine to accept. The worst kind of friendship you can ever dream of.

The Russian doctrine dictates the use of tactical nuclear weapons to end a war. The tactical weapons are short-range missiles that causes minimal possible damage in a nuclear attack. There’s no camparison between the might of the Russian Federation and the US. That being said, the damage on Ukraine would be humongous. If Ukraine doesn’t agree for a truce, this might be the worst way to end the war. The seriousness to understand the clear and present danger is lacking in the current Ukrainian President. I’m not proud to say this but maybe the best way is to let him see the result of his actions as he already took the bait of NATO.

Saurabh Sugandh
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