Joe Biden: Will America be great again?

Saurabh Sugandh Saurabh Sugandh Follow Nov 17, 2020 · 5 mins read
Joe Biden: Will America be great again?
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One of the ingredients that make the US great is its hold on world organizations such as the UN, NATO, WHO, and so on. The other one is the currency. Yes, that stable US Dollar currency which enables the world to trade. The legacy of the great US was under threat when Donald Trump came to power. Donald Trump was a threat to the US as he was ready to pull out the US from NATO, WHO, and so on. With Joe Biden in, we can safely say that one ingredient has made it back. The other ingredient can also make a comeback if the country’s economy gets a revival. For that, the ongoing pandemic has to be downplayed and to such an extent that the people gain their confidence back in the economy. Joe Biden’s COVID advisor, Dr. Vivek Murthy, along with Dr. Fauci had already suggested that a national lockdown isn’t required anymore.

The path to recovery not only requires stopping those unnecessary lockdowns but also to reduce the numbers that keep flashing on the news everyday. For a common citizen, the data is just a scare and it only means that you should stay at home, travel less, or don’t plan to migrate. Some EU countries will definitely benefit from this but for the US it is not good. CDC, at least now, needs to clarify that these numbers don’t mean anything. For those of you who are baffled with this statement needs to understand that merely carrying the virus doesn’t mean that you’re infectious or have caught the COVID-19 disease (or syndrome). As a corollary, if you know that having an HIV virus is not the direct correlation of having AIDS and almost not certain that you’ll die because of it, you’ll understand the COVID-19 also. The virus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID-19 may or may not kill you. Though COVID-19 is not a definitive disease but the published hypothesis around it certainly claims it to be similar to AIDS. With recent published studies or hypotheses on COVID-19, almost every organ can fail in your body. Whether or not you die because of COVID-19, the authorities will happily put you on the list of COVID-19 deaths.

Recently Elon Musk claimed about COVID-19 to be bogus, scientists and other educated idiots jumping all over to debunk or defy it. Elon Musk will sure get away from all this as he is or rather should be considered an authority on artificial intelligence due to his non-profit OpenAI project. He is also an architect of SpaceX and founder of Tesla. But if you are an ordinary person who wants to debunk the pseudo-science behind the COVID-19, you’ll surely fall under the category of “Covidiots”.

Elon Musk Tweet about coronavirus

The rapid antigen test should not be trusted or carried out. But much damage has already been done. The numbers that keep flashing in the news (electronic or print) have these false positive cases and in no way the authorities are going to pull that data away. With the recent letter by FDA about bizarre cases of false-positives, the focus is back on the gold standard Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). There’s an underlying principle which states that the test should specify how much an individual is infectious and so far we are not seeing this in any COVID-19 test report. The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious. In short, the test report must specify the cycle threshold for an individual to determine if that individual is infectious. The binary version of the report that we have nowadays only says that the SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA was found in the individual.

With that in place, the numbers game will significantly lose its shine. This, however, will not start until Joe Biden takes over the office and restores the US stance in NATO and other significant organizations. On the other hand, countries such as the UK will start to downplay this number’s game only after the proper Brexit. Certainly, the UK is eyeing a significant gain in vaccine development being an authority in medicine worldwide. One thing that needs to be clarified here is that no respiratory illness vaccine has an efficacy of more than 50% and the claims made by Pfizer are just erroneous. Though by claiming their vaccine efficacy to be more than 90%, the company’s CEO has already made humongous profits.

Many countries such as India want to carry out and play along with the scare by the end of 2022 even if the vaccine comes to the public domain. Now, I’m not saying that after reading here authorities worldwide need to switch to alternate forms of numbering patients or downplay the coronavirus scare instantly. I just want America to be great again as our lives depend on this. Most countries worldwide formulate their internal and foreign policy based on the decision and action plan laid down by the US. I just hope with the COVID advisors that Biden have, we could see the turnaround by the end of 2021. India like many other countries can then follow it in the span of next six months.

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